May 8, 1945 – Those who never returned home

May 8, 1945 – This day celebrates the liberation from the National Socialistic terror rule and marks an essential cut in the history of Europe. In 2020, 75 years after, this war went down into history books as the cruellest and violent armed conflict in the 20th century, where over 50 million lost their lives. 

“Help us to find them” – These calls were very common after the war in Luxembourg in magazines like “Ons Jongen” (1944-1951) of “Ligue des conscrits luxembourgeois réfractaires au service militaire allemand”, here: Ons Jongen, May 1948, p. 8.

While the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht finally marked the end of the National Socialist regime for most of Europe, Luxembourg dealt with reconstruction and the concern of the missing and the captured forced recruited, who had to fight (and die) for the German armed forces. Continue reading

(Digital) Archives or how to get research done from home

Research and working remotely became even more important and essential during the days of Covid-19 and the confinement. Archives, libraries are closed. How to get the sources for the research? Our three main archives for “Warlux”, the Archives Nationales de Luxembourg, Deutsche Dienststelle, the former Wehrmachtauskunftstelle (WASt, today Bundesarchiv Berlin) and the Military Archive in Freiburg closed their doors as well due to the virus. Continue reading