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Sources, Databases, Libraries, Archives….

Before starting with “Warlux”, we need of course collect existing sources, databases etc. One website or “database” is essential for our project:

Ons Jongen a Meedercher by  Fédération des Enrôlés de force (FEDDEF)

The association “Fédération des Enrôlés de force (FEDDEF)” created this database as about the forced recruitment in Luxembourg.

This database, built up over the years, includes 19,500 names of people, themes, organizations and cities relating to forced recruitment.
The aim is to provide information about these persons and offer an overview of the individual fates and stories. Continue reading Sources, Databases, Libraries, Archives….

The official launch of “WARLUX”

Soldiers and their communities in WWII: The impact and legacy of war experiences in Luxembourg

More than 10,000 Luxembourgish soldiers and recruits and an unknown number of Luxembourgish men and women wore German uniforms during WWII in armed forces and civil organizations, such as the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, armed police forces and the Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD). Who were these people? What was the reason for their commitment to the occupation forces? How did their families cope with the situation? Continue reading The official launch of “WARLUX”