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Collecting biographies for Project WARLUX – The story of a young woman’s war struggles

Georgette Jacoby (FÉDÉRATION DES ENRÔLÉS DE FORCE, Jacoby Georgette. 28/07/1922, in: Ons- Jongen-a-Meedercher, URL: http:///www.ons-jongen-a- meedercher.lu/archives/personnes/jacoby-georgette-3/documents)


As part of the project “WARLUX – Soldiers and their Communities in WWII: The Impact and Legacy of War Experiences in Luxembourg”, a team at C2DH and students research the personal side of the history of Luxembourgers, born between 1920 and 1927, who were enrolled into German services during the Second World War. To uncover the individual experiences of these men, women and families, the team of WARLUX collects ego documents and personal interviews of this generation. As one of the last surviving witnesses, Madame Jacoby-Sheehan welcomed Dr Nina Janz and Cristina Sobral to talk about her war experience. 

Cristina Sobral is a student (B.A. Culture Européenne) at the University of Luxembourg. During her summer semester she conducted research for Dr. Janz’ class (“Biographies of Luxembourgish conscripts in WWII”) about Madame Jacoby-Sheehan and her life during the war. 

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How does the commemoration of the “Ons Jongen” in Luxembourg look like? What is remembered and celebrated? What kind of ceremonies and memorials exist today?

During the summer semester of 2021 of the study program (Bachelor en Cultures Européennes) at the University of Luxembourg, Focus History – together with 18 students we discussed and shared aspects of commemoration and memorials of the conscripted women and men in Luxembourg during WWII.

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Biographies of Conscripts – testing timeline

From our seminar Biographies of Luxembourgish male and female conscripts in the Wehrmacht and Reichsarbeitsdienst – Research Seminar on studying personal experiences in Luxembourg during the Second World War in the B.A. program “Cultures Européennes – Histoire” at the University of Luxembourg, 20 students researched and discovered the Biographies of conscripts and their war experiences during the WWII in Luxembourg

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In the first lectures, the students earned an overview of the topic and the research literature. In the next steps, the students had to analyse and understand the concept of a biography and the contextualization of the story of the individuals. With Knightlab, an open community of designers, developers, students, and educators at Northwestern University, to share information and digital storytelling projects, the students used a “timeline” for the biographies.

Here is one example for the timeline of a conscript:


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