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On June 4, 2021 the WARLUX team met other colleagues from all over Europe at nodegoat day 2021 to discuss the utility and possibilities with nodegoat

Here is the recording of our presentation:


Here you find more info about nodegoat: https://nodegoat.net

Thank you Kaspar Gubler for organising the workshop!

And a summary: https://www.infoclio.ch/de/nodegoat-day-2021-source-visualization-data-modeling-and-analysis-nodegoat

Update on our call for contributionS – “cROWDSOURCING” WARLUX

Call for Contribution – Launch

The individual war experiences in the study of the conscripts are essential in project Warlux and are included in the research. Ego documents (testimonies, family stories, diaries, letters, postcards, photographs…) are retrieved to complement the data set and existing documents in state and municipal archives. The Warlux project issued a call for crowdsourcing in February 2021, encouraging people to come forward to share their stories and their ego-documents or those of their family members.

The call was launched via a (digital) press conference, followed by newspaper articles and radio announcement and a social media campaign. The campaign will continue nationwide in the coming months with a flyer and poster campaign. 


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CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS – WARLUX CALLS Families and witnesses in Luxembourg to share their memories and personal documents

Call for Contributions WARLUX – Tell us your story

As part of the project “WARLUX – Soldiers and their Communities in WWII: The Impact and Legacy of War Experiences in Luxembourg”, the C²DH of the University of Luxembourg is researching the personal side of the history of Luxembourgish youth born between 1920 and 1927 who were enrolled into German services under the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg during the Second World War. In order to uncover the individual experiences of these men, women and families, the Centre wants to engage the public and calls on them to come forward and share their family stories, letters, diaries, photographs and other personal documents.

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WARLUX Seminar at C2DH -in times of the pandemic

Discussions with colleagues and experts are currently becoming very difficult. What usually defines a research project is the exchange and input of others – due to the current pandemic, a meeting is therefore not appropriate. Therefore, the Warlux team was all the more happy and grateful to have an exchange in a hybrid framework. With colleagues at the C2DH and with colleagues connected via the screen.

Nina Janz and the doctoral researchers, Michel R. Pauly and Sarah Maya Vercruysse presented the project “Warlux” its research approach, the methodology and data set. Michel continued in introducing his planned thesis in the section “Called to arms” – Experience at the front in form of the study of school students in Luxembourg, who have been conscripted. Sarah Maya spoke about her research for “at home” – Families and communities in occupied Luxembourg and her approach to find more sources.

The project is still in his initial phase – and the research question is not set in stone yet – but warlux is taking form.