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On June 4, 2021 the WARLUX team met other colleagues from all over Europe at nodegoat day 2021 to discuss the utility and possibilities with nodegoat

Here is the recording of our presentation:

Here you find more info about nodegoat: https://nodegoat.net

Thank you Kaspar Gubler for organising the workshop!

And a summary: https://www.infoclio.ch/de/nodegoat-day-2021-source-visualization-data-modeling-and-analysis-nodegoat

Using data analysis on recruited Luxembourgers in WWII or how to map WAR eXPERIENCES???

#nodegoatday2021 – organised by Kaspar Gubler at the University of Bern team Warlux had the opportunity to introduce the Warlux data model with nodegoat and to discuss the use of relational data base with others.

nodegoat (https://nodegoat.net) is the data storage and data management platform for Warlux. We will list all our individuals in our case studies to grasp and visualise the links between the individuals. We will use this tool as our “database” for statistical overviews and our quantitative analysis. (The ego-documents, the result of our crowdsourcing project, we will use qualitative methodologies with another tool, not yet defined).


Data model (by Nina Janz)

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WARLUX goes on Zoom

First presentation at a public academic conference with Arbeitskreis Deutsch-Niederländische Geschichte, Arbeitskreis Historische Belgienforschung, Fachinformationsdienst Benelux / Low Countries Studies due to Covid-19 with zoom app in a digital format on September 25, 2020.


After the launch and hours in archives and libraries, such as scanners, and behind the screen of the database – finally “public” and presenting first results of WARLUX. Continue reading WARLUX goes on Zoom