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Transcribing, Curating and Researching War Letters in the Digital Age: a short report in the 2nd ‘War Letters’ workshop in Belval, Luxembourg.

Initiators Milan van Lange (NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies), Sarah Maya Vercruysse and Nina Janz (Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, C2DH) summoned colleagues from different backgrounds to reflect on...


Reading and studying war letters of WWII. From collecting, digitising, transcribing to reading and understanding of ego-documents of Luxembourgish conscripts – Teaching with War letters and Transkribus in Summer Semester 2022 at the University of Luxembourg

Course Content The study of the Second World War is not only composed of the public and official records; there are other sources to consider here, the so-called “ego-documents” such as diaries and letters....

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