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The “Love Letter” Archive

An archive in Germany collects love letters over the century until today – a citizen science approach

The archive is being digitised, indexed and made accessible in cooperation with the Technical University of Darmstadt. The archive records are stored at the Koblenz-Landau University Library (Koblenz Campus).

The archive shows Love letters how private writing changes over time. Love letter exists in wide circles of society; one gains an insight into the writing norms not only of individuals but also of milieus, age groups and genders. So it is not surprising that the love letter is differentiated along with the popular writing media from the little note to the love letter, from the telegram to the postcard, from the e-mail to the WhatsApp chat. The question is to what extent the functions of writing are being explored anew.


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Update on our call for contributionS – “cROWDSOURCING” WARLUX

Call for Contribution – Launch

The individual war experiences in the study of the conscripts are essential in project Warlux and are included in the research. Ego documents (testimonies, family stories, diaries, letters, postcards, photographs…) are retrieved to complement the data set and existing documents in state and municipal archives. The Warlux project issued a call for crowdsourcing in February 2021, encouraging people to come forward to share their stories and their ego-documents or those of their family members.

The call was launched via a (digital) press conference, followed by newspaper articles and radio announcement and a social media campaign. The campaign will continue nationwide in the coming months with a flyer and poster campaign. 


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