Author: Nina Janz


📢 Important Announcement 📢

Dear valued readers, I’m here with an important update regarding our blog’s direction. As the original author, it has been an incredible journey exploring the war experiences of Luxembourg conscripts in WWII through the...


Research for WARLUX by Sarah Maya Vercruysse: Families of Luxembourgish Wehrmacht recruits during the Nazi occupation and the impact of local authorities and National Socialist organisations on their everyday lives

On 16 and 17 May 2022, the second Doctoral Students’ Forum, organised by the Doctoral Students’ College of the Hannah Arendt Institute (HAIT), took place. Under the title “Individual and Organisation in Authoritarian and...


Transcribing, Curating and Researching War Letters in the Digital Age: a short report in the 2nd ‘War Letters’ workshop in Belval, Luxembourg.

Initiators Milan van Lange (NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies), Sarah Maya Vercruysse and Nina Janz (Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, C2DH) summoned colleagues from different backgrounds to reflect on...

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