The crowdsourcing project of the WARLUX project was successfully completed.

The team reached out to the public in February 2021 to collect the personal experiences of people who were drafted into labour service and/or the army by the Nazi authorities. Since the call for contributions in February 2021, the Project Warlux team collected more than 160 collections, travelling over 500 km across the Grand Duchy to talk to families and witnesses to collect over 3000 letters, 15 diaries and 500 photographs about the Second World War. Dr Janz and her team met highly interested participants in the appeal for contributions, personal fates of entire families, sad stories and a great deal of support for the research project. At this point, the team, Michel R. Pauly, Sarah Maya Vercruysse and Nina Janz, would like to thank all contributors and supporters who enriched our collection of first-person documents for the WARLUX project.


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