The Warlux team interviews Madame Georgette Jacoby Sheehan, who had to join the Reichsarbeitsdienst during WWII


Madame Jacoby Sheehan welcomed the Warlux team, Dr. Nina Janz and B.A. history student Cristina Sobral in her home in Echternach. The lively lady was happy to talk and to chat with a researcher and a student from the University of Luxembourg.

Miss Sobral attended the class of Dr. Janz during the summer semester 2021 about “Ego-documents” and the personal war experiences of Luxembourgish conscripts during WWII. The class included the study of personal stories of male and female individuals who were recruited by the Wehrmacht and/or Reichsarbeitsdienst.

Miss Sobral chose the biography of Madame Jacoby-Sheehan, a Luxembourgish native from the capital of the Grand-Duchy.


Madame Jacoby-Sheehan enjoys a blessed and healthy life and was willing to open her doors to researchers to talk about her experiences during the war.

A biography of Madame Jacoby-Sheehan will be published here by Miss Sobral.

The recordings will help the WARLUX team and future historians to trace the war experiences of this generation and to research WWII in Luxembourg in depth.

Many thanks to Alexandre GERMAIN from the MediaCentre of the University of Luxembourg, and of course to Miss Sobral for her support and her passionate curiosity to ask many questions about history.


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