WAR LETTERS in HISTORICAL RESEARCH? THE Museum of American War Letters

The Museum of American war letters is a virtual exhibition launched by Andrew Carroll, the Center for American War Letters – together with Chapman University (Orange, California). The site intends to exhibit correspondences from the American Revolution up to the present. 




What are the aims of this platform? How can this collection be used for teaching projects in higher education or in research?

The “gallery”

The visitor „walks” through the digital museum using a computer mouse or keyboard,moving through a long gallery with wooden floors, dark walls and dim lighting. The panels with the letters are displayed as illuminated images and accompanied by text that pops up to provide background information about the authors and the context of the war events described therein. A guided tour is offered, which stops at every panel. 

The first letter is by President John F. Kennedy (1917–1963) to Bobbie Lou Pendergrass, who has lost her brother (dated March 6, 1963).

One displayed letter is by President John F. Kennedy (1917–1963) to Bobbie Lou Pendergrass, who has lost her brother (dated March 6, 1963). In his answer, displayed as a facsimile with transcription, the president expresses his condolences to Mrs Pendergrass and justifies the U.S. American fighting in Vietnam. He writes “that this country must not fall under Communist domination”

The American War Letters Museum is a unique virtual platform to obtain knowledge and information about the Vietnam war by using personal statements such as war letters to represent the everyday life and the war experiences the American combatants made. 

The sacrifice of the American soldiers and their contribution to world peace is in the foreground.

Read the whole review by Dr. Nina Janz here : https://www.hsozkult.de/webreview/id/rezwww-205?title=the-museum-of-american-war-letters&recno=1&q=&sort=&fq=&total=174



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