Data Collection Continues for Warlux – this time: Commune of Schifflange

WARLUX will provide the first study of the social history of Luxembourg during the occupation period and will use a biographical approach to offer a micro historical perspective on single actors in order to link individual life stories to home communities. The linking of biographical and spatial concepts to analyze individual war experiences and to deconstruct societal master narratives is one of the main goals of WARLUX.

Memorial for the “Énrôlés de force” in Schifflange – next to the community archive

The individual person will be studied from the perspective of his or her social environments, his or her social background, his or her trajectories during the war and his or her life in the post-war period. The biographical and spatial concept contains a completely new approach to the topic.

Schifflange as one of the communes in the industrial region of the Luxembourgish “Minett” serves as a space and study object for social environment of workers and steel factories. A steelworks in Schifflange was founded in 1871 by the Metz family as usine “Metz” and became later in 1911 part of th ARBED.

During the begin of occupation had a population around 5000 lived in Schifflange; an estimated number of 250 men and women were drafted in the Reichsarbeitsdienst and the Wehrmacht.

The documents collected in the community archive will add existing information about their profession, their addresses, names of children and spouses in order to study their biography and their social background in Schifflange.

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