How war experience affects the after generations – Jean-Claude Juncker speaks about his father in WWII

Jean-Claude Juncker – the former President of the European Commission (2014-2019) in an interview for “Werte” No 21

In this interview the in Luxembourg born in 1954, Mr Juncker reflects his memory of his father, who was conscripted in the German Army in WWII. His father returned from the war, injured. When he was a kid, he watched his father and looked curiously at his injuries on his knee, neck and neck. Young Jean-Claude asked where he got the injuries from. But he never answered him. Later, when Mr Juncker was 16 or 17, the father started talking to him moderately about his war experiences.

How many other from this generation, born between 1920-1927 did not or could not talk about the war – because of fear of the stigma as possible supporters of the Nazis in Luxembourg, or they didn’t talk about their experiences and trauma at the front.

WARLUX will focus on these experiences and their stories in collecting and documenting different voices and their paths through the wartime.


Another interview with Mr Juncker was published on 25/11/2020



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