Browsing through local archives for names of the conscripts

The Warlux team traveled up north to visit local archives in Clervaux and Weiswampach

Castle in Clervaux and the local administration with archive

Not sure what to find, in archives in the Luxembourgish Ardennes Region, we have found valuable material due to the support of the local authorities. Most of these are post-war documents, but these are name-related and provide important information about the biographies of those affected.

Documents on repatriation or lists of those affected from the respective communities at the request of the Interior Ministry provide a lot of information about the stations of the labour service and the deployment at the front.

Next step is to check the names of the lists with our growing database and to add the missing information. We will back to soon in Clervaux and other communities in the “Eisleck” of Luxembourg to find more about names and stories.

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