Story Mapping in Luxembourgish History

An interactive map offers information about Luxemburgish History of WWII

Map of the places and the events of the general strike in Luxembourg during August and Septemeber 1942

The website “Der Generalstreik von 1942 in Luxemburg – Dimensionen des nationalsozialistischen Terrors am Beispiel des Standgerichts” (The general strike of 1942 in Luxembourg – dimensions of National Socialist terror using the example of the court material) tells the story of the eneral strike followed by the announcement of the cumpolsory military service for young Luxermbourgers in the Wehrmacht. Map

The forced enrolment of the young men led to a nationwide general strike, which was put down brutally. Luxembourgers who wanted to avoid forced recruitment or participated in the strike were deported to the Hinzert concentration camp near Trier.

The interactive website introduces the events during August and septemeber 1942 en detail and describes the brutal response of the Nazi rulers. The occupying forces reacted with a State of emergency and a wave of arrests.

Biographies of arrested and killed participants in the general strike

84 Luxembourgers sentenced before the court, 21 of which were arbitrarily sentenced to death, 20 of them in Hinzert.

The history of the general strike ends where our project “WARLUX” begins: the suffering and struggles of young Luxembourgers during their forced fate.

This story map was developed as part of a transnational seminar in the Greater Region by the students Mandy Nourissier (University of Luxembourg), Selina Maringer (University of Trier) and Judith Wörz (University of Saarland).

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